Guidelines for foreign researchers

working under the sponsorship of the Center for Endangered Languages Documentation (CELD) at the State University of Papua (UNIPA)

The CELD invites foreign researchers to cooperate and make use of the CELD’s resources in the task of language documentation in Indonesian Papua. To make this effort as beneficial as possible for both sides, the CELD puts forward these guidelines.

Establishing a Sponsorship

  1. In order to do academic research in Indonesian Papua under the sponsorship of the Center for Endangered Languages Documentation (CELD), the researcher is asked to apply for a letter of sponsorship. The application is to be addressed to the director of the CELD.
  2. In the application, the researcher is expected to clearly state the goals, places, times as well as the overall targets of the research project, including the details of all participating researchers if working in a team.
  3. The CELD will approach the rector of the UNIPA and other relevant bodies such as Pembantu Rektor I (Academic Affairs), Pembantu Rector IV (Affairs for cooperative work), and the head of the Pusat Penelitian Bahasa dan Budaya di Papua (Center for the research on languages and cultures in Papua) regarding the sponsorship. If all parties approve of the proposal, the CELD will issue a letter of sponsorship (i.e., a letter of invitation that can be used for visa applications) that is signed by the rector of the UNIPA.
  4. The applicant must apply for the appropriate visa, in which the purpose of the visit should be clearly stated as research (penelitian). Abiding by the regulations of the government of Indonesia, the CELD is not allowed and does not wish to support any research in the field by researchers entering the country with an inappropriate visa such as tourist visa, on-arrival visa, or other kinds of unrelated visa.
  5. The CELD will send a letter of recommendation (signed by the director) to the Indonesian embassy in the home country of the applicant to facilitate the visa application.
  6. Having granted the visa, the sponsored is requested to come to Manokwari for further planning and consultation at the CELD. The sponsored must not go straight to the field to conduct research unless he or she has specific approval from the CELD and/or a local government agency.

Working under a Sponsorship

The following points are to be considered and followed by foreign researchers who do research in Papua under the sponsorship of the Center for Endangered Languages Documentation (CELD).

  1. The sponsored is advised to study and understand the CELD vision and mission as stated at the website
  2. The sponsored is to abide by the regulations and guidelines of the CELD.
  3. Especially on the first trip, the sponsored is obliged to stay at the CELD for an orientation phase which should include the following activities: (i) getting to know the staff members of the CELD and their working system, (ii) learning basic Papuan Malay (which is essential for doing fieldwork in Indonesian Papua), (iii) discussing and specifying the terms of the cooperation between the sponsored and the CELD. The outcome of this discussion will be put on record in a cooperative working agreement between the CELD and the sponsored. This agreement will list the tasks and obligations of both parties.
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